Sunday, October 30, 2011

13 SPOOK-tacular tips to keep your pets safe this HOWL-oween!

Many dogs and cats thrive on routine, which means that the noise and activity of Halloween can be upsetting and confusing. Furthermore, holiday decorations and parties can pose dangers to your pets.

Keeping your animals safe during Halloween requires just a bit of extra forethought. But by following these thirteen easy and common-sense suggestions, you can make sure that Halloween is fun and stress-free for every member of your family.

  1. Many children can be frightened by overly friendly dogs, and the door opening and closing provides a great opportunity for curious pets to slip outside. Unless they are extremely well behaved, don’t allow your pets to come to the door with you. Instead, keep your dogs and cats in a quiet, secure room with food, water, litter, toys, and a comfortable place to relax.

  1. If the sound of the doorbell is frightening or stimulating to your dog, consider taping a sign over your doorbell asking trick-or-treaters to knock instead.

  1. Urban legends suggest that cats - and black cats specifically - are in danger of being targeted by violence during late October. In reality, the increased danger is slight and is probably the result of local kids’ pranks. However, it certainly won’t harm your indoor/outdoor cats to be kept inside around Halloween. Most cats won’t be thrilled to be outside amidst the chaos of trick-or-treating anyway.

  1. Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats, due to the presence of Theobromine and, to a lesser extent, caffeine. Both compounds are stimulants that can cause nausea, vomiting, and even death. Keep candy bowls out of your animals’ reach and make sure your kids’ goody bags are also untouchable. If you suspect that your dog or cat has ingested chocolate, call your vet.

  1. Decorative corn and pumpkins can also cause stomach upset if consumed, and these decorations should be kept in areas where your pets can’t access them.

  1. Animals should be supervised around decorations. Ensure that your pets aren’t nibbling on wires or other trimmings. Do not leave animals alone with lit candles.

  1. Having a party? It’s always a good idea to keep your pets out of the action in the same quiet room described above.

  1. Speaking of things that animals shouldn’t eat - do not feed pets alcohol or other intoxicants. And don’t let party guests do it either! Cats and most dogs are much smaller than humans and are affected differently by intoxicants.

  1. Pet costumes are adorable! But before you take your dog out on the town, try on the costume and make sure that it’s comfortable for your pet. And if your animal really doesn’t want to wear it, don’t force them. Your pet’s stress and upset is not worth the cute picture.

  1. While your pet is wearing a costume, keep an eye on them to make sure that they are safe - that they aren’t eating the costume, that they can see properly, and that they remain comfortable. If in doubt, take it off.

  1. Some dogs will love to come trick-or-treating, while some will not enjoy the fuss and commotion. If your dog accompanies you, they should be properly leashed and should act like good citizens - no barking or jumping on kids.

  1. It’s a good idea to have reflective patches on your children’s costumes so that cars can see them. Similarly, put reflective patches on your dog’s harness, collar, or leash if they come trick-or-treating with you.

  1. Whether they are staying inside or coming along, dogs and cats should all wear proper identification with your contact information, just in case they wander off. Take this opportunity to look into ID microchips as well. This is a tiny electronic ID inserted under the pet’s skin. They are relatively cheap, painless, and can can help reunite you with your pet if they become lost. Ask your vet for more info about ID microchips.

And don’t forget to have fun! Happy Halloween from HSEC!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black Cat Adoption Stand - Last Day!

Earlier this month we took 6 of our black cats to PetSmart in Greenville for a special black cat adoption stand and today is the last day for this special event!  We have had FIVE cats adopted over the past two weeks and there are currently five cats still at PetSmart waiting for their forever homes!

So far we've had two of our long-timer adult cats find homes, Shadow & Brandon, and three kittens, Belle, Aurora, and Jim!

If you're interested in adopting one of our black cats please stop by the Greenville PetSmart today!

Sunday October 23rd from 2-5pm

Below is information on the 5 cats available for adoption at PetSmart:

Genevieve a sweet little lady who is mostly black with some white, she is a little cuddle bug!  Genevieve loves to play with the other cats, Stanley is her boyfriend at Petsmart!
Stanley, the last kitten left from "the Office" litter, who is always busy doing a crossword puzzle waiting for his forever home!**ADOPTED**
Two adult sister cats named Lucy and Aggie **ADOPTED** who have been with us for a while and would love to go home with YOU!  They are about one year old and have been with us for some time so we are really hoping they get adopted during this special event.

Olive a gorgeous calico who is mostly black.  This sweet girl has been very shy at Petsmart since her arrival on Wednesday but when she comes out of her shell she can be a real sweetheart!

Please visit our website or check out our facebook page to see photos of these great cats!

Adoption fees for adult black cats (this includes everyone at PetSmart except Stanley) have been lowered during this special event to only $55.  If they are not adopted today they will return to our facility and still be up for adoption but their fee will return to the regular $70.
And, as always, there are more cats available at our HSEC facility!  Stop by today from 2-5 to find a forever friend!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today is a great day for animal rescue, it's National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Today animal rescue organizations across the country are working together to raise awareness about the struggles and discrimination pit bull terriers face every day and unite against breed specific legislation.  For more information please visit Bless The Bullys website about the campaign. 

Pit Bulls are one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds, but also the most misunderstood; often associated with fighting and violence, an image the media tends to support.  Here at HSEC we'd love to show you just how wonderful pitbulls really are.  We currently have 5 pit bull terriers under our care and we'd love to see them get some special recognition today!  Below is more specific information about each of our pit bulls so if you have time please stop by the facility any time today between 1-5pm to give them some treats, a nice long walk, or a forever home!

This sweet mama has been through a lot.  She came to HSEC early in the summer of 2011 with a litter of three pups who have since been adopted.  She is one of the absolute sweetest dogs in the world and as you can see from her picture she always has a smile on her face and a wag in her tail!  Blossom came to us severly underweight, covered in scratches, and with multiple skin conditions.  With some love from the HSEC staff and proper vet care Blossom has bounced back and is ready for her forever home  Blossom is definitely a lover, not a fighter!  She is at the HSEC facility today so come check her out!

Ginny is a gorgeous brindle pit bull who loves attention!  She left for a temporary foster home this week to get some extra love but she is still very much available for adoption!  Ginny loves to go on long runs and she is also housebroken!  Ginny does not get along well with other dogs or cats so we want her to be in a one-pet household.  This sweet girl has been waiting a long time to find her forever home and we hope that happens soon :-) ***UPDATE*** Ginny has been adopted!

Hadley is the newest bully to join the HSEC pack and unfortunately she is not available for adoption just yet as we finish caring for all of her medical needs.  Keep this image in your head though 'cause she's quite a looker!  We will keep you posted when Hadley is ready for some love in a new forever home!

Porkchop is currently the only male pit bull at HSEC.  He is still a young dog full of puppy energy who greets everyone with a smile!  His unique hazel eyes make him even more endearing and we hope you'll come out to take a look at him soon!  Porkchop has a classic bully build and when he's full grown is going to be so handsome!
***UPDATE*** Porkchop has been adopted!!

We've saved the best for last!!!  Wiggles is one of the friendliest dogs on the planet, we guarantee it!  She was rescued this past summer from an animal hording case, but you'd never know it!  She is a smaller pit bull but she makes up for it with her amazing jumping skills.  Wiggles LOVES to go on walks and when she's done she always has energy left over for lots of hugs and kisses!  Wiggles only struggle is that she loves too much, she has separation anxiety when her volunteer and staff friends leave for the night so we hope she'll find a special home with a big family who has lots of time to spend with her!

We prefer to adopt bully breeds to owners with successful previous bully experience. The adoption process for bully breeds involves a home check, vet check and possible reference check. There are no same day adopted for bully breeds. We want to ensure that all our pit bulls find the right homes and the right families. Come meet them today!

All dogs at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and on heartworm and flea prevention. All dogs 6 months or older are tested for heartworms. Adoptions come with a small bag of Hill's Science Diet food and a free one month trial of pet health insurance. Call or stop by for more information!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Purrfect Post Cat of the Month - Soft

Although most of our black cats are at PetSmart right now, one of our long-time residents, Soft, is still available for adoption at our facility!  She is our Purrfect Cat of the Month and we're hoping she finds her forever home soon!
Soft is one of the few senior cats available at HSEC right now, she is approximately seven years old and came to us from an owner who simply had too many pets to care for.  Soft has had some trouble adjusting to life at the shelter so she tends to hide as a way to handle her stress.  When volunteers come to spend time with her Soft can seem very aprehensive about human attention but just the opposite is true!

First of all, Soft is one of the best crate-trained cats we've ever seen!  She is a bigger kitty so rather than try to remove her from her cage by hand when it's time to play or clean our staff know to just put the open crate up to Soft's cage and she climbs right in!

Just the other day we put Soft in our kitty play pen and she had a blast with our Director of Outreach, Katie!  It took her a little while to feel comfortable enough to come out of her carrier but once she did Soft was ready for love.  She clearly enjoyed the extra attention as Katie was petting her and she didn't mind at all when Katie got a brush out to groom Soft's long lugurious fur!

If you're interested in adoptiong Soft please stop by our facility or give us a call at (252) 413-7247.  Her adoption fee is $70, she is spayed and up to date on all vaccines.  Her new owners will inheret all of her medical records as well as a free bag of Hill's Science Diet cat food to get started!

Soft is a lovely lady who needs someone special to be patient with her and put in a little extra love while she comes out of her shell and shows what a wonderful companion she can be.

Black Cat Adoption Stand

In honor of Halloween and the October full moon we've been busy at the Greenville PetSmart since October 10th having a special adoption stand for our black cats!  Before we left for the Luv-A-Pet center in Petsmart 59% of our feline residents were black or mostly black, a common trend in shelters.  Because black cats are associated with negative stereotypes and can be more difficult to see in their cages they tend to take the longest to find their forever homes.

To combat this trend we took 6 of our loveable black cats to Petsmart and it's been a HUGE success!

So far we've found homes for one all black kitten named Belle, a black and white kitten named Aurora, and one of our long-time residents and all around purrrfect kitties: SHADOW!  We are so glad that all of them found their forever homes this week and I'm sure their new owners are raving about the good luck they've had since those black cats crossed their paths!

If you're interested in adopting one of our black cats please stop by the Greenville PetSmart during any of the following times:

Sunday October 16th from 2-5pm
Monday October 17th through Friday October 21st from 5:30-8pm
Saturday October 22nd from 11-5pm
Sunday October 23rd from 2-5pm

Currently at Petsmart we have 6 cats available for adoption:

Brandon!  A sweet little gentleman who is just over a year old and loves treats and attention!
****UPDATE 10/16****
Brandon was adopted today!!

Two kittens from "The Office" littler are still available, Jim, and Stanley who is always busy doing a crossword puzzle waiting for his forever home!
Jim & Stanley have both been adopted!

One kitten named Jasmin who is mostly black with a smudge of white on her face. She is about 11 weeks old and eagerly awaiting her forever home since her sister Aurora got adopted!
Jasmin has been adopted!

Two adult sister cats names Lucy and Aggie who have been with us for a while and would love to go home with YOU!  They are about one year old and have been with us for some time so we are really hoping they get adopted during this special event.

Please visit our website or check out our facebook page to see photos of these great cats!

Many of the HSEC staff members have (or have fostered) black cats and we promise you they love pumkins!  Check out our black cats available for adoption at Petsmart this week or stop by the facility, we have more black cats, black dogs, and other wonderful animals waiting to find their forever homes!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Dog of the Month - Ezy

Hi Folks!

A regular installment on our blog will be the 'Blog Dog of the Month!'  In each post we will spotlight the dog who is most in need of adoption at our facility. 

This month that lucky dog is Ezy!  He has been at HSEC longer than any of our other dogs and we're hoping to help find him a family as soon as possible.

This sweet boy is about 2 years old and was brought in as a stray.  The woman who found him called him "Ezy" because when she saw him it was so easy to get him to jump right into her car!

We suspect that Ezy has been with us for a while because it takes him a while to warm up to strangers.  When we let him out for exercise in our play yard he tends to shy away from new people but our staff know Ezy has a much friendlier side to him!  When we go to let him out he is almost always waiting at his kennel door and once it's open he bolts right out, eager to play. 

 It takes some patience, but once he warms up to you Ezy loves a good ear rub and will sit calmly while you pet him and give him some loving attention.  As you can see, Ezy is a Shepard mix, mostly black with a white chest.  He also has some very unique brown and black patches around his sholders which in our opinion make him more loveable!

If you are interested in adopting Ezy and making him a member of your family please let us know!  We'd love for you to come out and meet him.  Ezy has been neutered, dewormed, and is up to date on all vaccines.  He is also on heartworm and flea prevention.

Ezy's adoption fee is only $60 and his new family will inheret all his medical records as well as a small bag of Hill's Science Diet Food!

If you are interested in fostering Ezy please give us a call at (252) 413-7247.  Even if you can't provide Ezy with a forever home he would absolutely love to get out of the shelter environment and stay with you for a month or two!

If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at (252) 413-7247 or e-mail us at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About HSEC

Welcome to the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina blog!

We are a small animal rescue facility located in Greenville, North Carolina working to find homes for homeless and neglected pets in the surrounding Eastern NC area.  We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to adopting out animals into loving forever homes and educating the public about issues pertaining to animals.

We have created this blog to help people learn more about our organization and especially our animals.  Here you will find stories about some of our animals looking for their forever homes, updates about special events and fund-raisers, as well as guest posts from some of our foster parents!

If you have any questions or would like more information about HSEC please visit our website at or e-mail us at

*Disclaimer - This blog is managed by a small group of dedicated HSEC volunteers who do their very best to keep all posts accurate and up-to-date but the information on this blog may not necessarily reflect the mission or policies of the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina*