Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We've Gone Catty!

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina has gone catty!  That’s not to say we’ll criticize your clothes, hair, or shoes (we love you just the way you are), but that we’re celebrating national Adopt a Shelter Cat month in a big way! 

We already know that cats are awesome.  But in June, there are even more reasons to adopt a feline friend.  With each adoption comes a cat starter kit, including a litter box pooper scooper, food & water bowls and a wand toy – useful things to make your new buddy right at home. 

AND…if that’s not enough, an anonymous donor has just made cat adoption even sweeter by offering $20 adoption fees for the first 20 cats adopted in June from both HSEC and the Pitt County Animal Shelter – a $60 savings over our regular fee. 

Now is a great time to adopt.  We have cats of all ages and temperaments:  if you want a fluffy, active kitten, or a cozy adult lap cat, we can help.  Our gently used fluffies are ready to go and up the love level at your house!

I want YOU to come and adopt me!
There's just one week left - take advantage of this purrrrfect deal! We’re open for adoptions at 3520 Tupper Dr FridaySaturday and Sunday, 1pm - 5pm, and we're at the Greenville PetSmart, 600 Greenville Blvd SE, weekdays 5:30pm - 8pm, Saturdays 11am - 5pm and Sunday 2pm - 5pm. So what’s stopping you?  Make a beeline for our felines – we guarantee you’ll be happy to make a new furry friend!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Success Story: Piper, now Nala

Ah, puppy love! Our sweet pup Piper, now Nala was adopted nine months ago, and has clearly hit the jackpot!  We always get a bit teary when we hear stories of happy endings.  From homeless and unwanted to cherished and living a life of love and luxury - that's Nala's story, and it's what we wish for all our animals!

Hello! I promised when I adopted Nala ,on 8/15/13, I would send pictures! It's been about 9 months now and we both couldn't be happier!

Nala the first day coming home with me. I didn't know how I was ever going to be able to say no to that face.

Nala's first time in the water! It was love at first sight.

Nala grew up fast but she always kept her puppish charm.

Even now she is just as energetic as she was when she first came into my life.

but don't get me wrong she loves her sleep too. 

She has plenty of friends, both human and dog. 

She loves her daddy almost as much as she loves me! 

Thank you guys for introducing me to my best friend !

Thank you guys for introducing me to my best friend !

Karla and Nala

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Check Out Our Only Child Wannabes!

Do you love animals, and want that one special pet to shower with attention?  Look no further – this month, we have a special on pets with OCD – only child disorder!  Through the end of May, adoption fees are half off for these deserving cats and dogs!

While they are not fans of others in their own species, these adorable critters are looking for humans of their own, ones that will devote their time and energy to showering them with love. 
·         Linda is an adorable brown and white kitty with unique markings that include a smudge nose.  Linda tells us that she would prefer to be an only cat, although she is good with humans of all ages as long as they respect her space!  She has been with us since December, and is more than ready for a home of her own!

·         Lucy looks like she has big dark eyebrows, setting off her white coat.  This sweet cat loves ear scratches, and loves humans – she’s happy to meet everyone she sees, and can’t wait to find a family where she can be an only pet and soak up the love!

Are you my new human?
·         There’s nothing mousy about our Minnie, who’s a standout with her fabulous black and orange feline markings.   While not a fan of other cats, this lovable, affectionate gal always wants to be near people.  She’s a bit of a talker, and will politely ask for more attention!  Playful and friendly, Minnie wants to go home!

"I'm a model, you know what I mean
and I do my little turn on the catwalk"
·         With a shiny gold and white coat, Kiki is an affectionate, loving Shepherd mix who is a true couch potato and belly rub fan!  She’s looking for a family to snuggle with, watch TV with and love!  She walks well on a leash and is ready for her new leash on life!

·         Lucy, whose eye color matches her fur, is a Retriever mix dog who’s ready to meet her match!  Since her human moved to a non-pet friendly place, she’s been looking for a new home where she can get all the love she deserves.  She’ll be happy to show off her excellent leash-walking skills when she walks right out the door with you.

Stop by FridaySaturday and Sunday from 1-5 to meet our only child wannabes – and check out our pet-friendly residents, as well! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sweet 16 Pupdate!

Sparty & Wolverine when they first arrived at their foster home
The NCAA tournament may be over, but for our Sweet Sixteen, life is just beginning!  These adorable pups were found abandoned in a plastic container outside the Pitt County Animal Shelter on a cold, rainy night.  Lacking the resources to care for them, the Humane Society received an urgent call, and we quickly found foster homes for all sixteen, where they have been loved, socialized and cared for.
Wolverine is ALMOST ready for his forever home.

We got an update from the foster mom of Sparty and Wolverine, two very small puppies who learned that people and playing are a lot of fun!  These happy gals have thrived on a diet of puppy food and milk replacement, and enjoy roughhousing, cuddling and giving kisses.

We are very grateful to everyone who stepped up and donated money, formula, wet food, and newspapers to help with their care.  Now these lively pups are getting ready to move to a new home court!  This Saturday, April 19, they will be spayed, neutered, and ready for adoption.  You’re invited to come visit, and maybe find a new best friend – or two!  They’ll be available on a first come, first served basis beginning Saturday at 1pm, and we’ll be there from 1-5 with sixteen very sweet reasons to drop by!
Sparty is getting BIG!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Over 3 for Reduced Fee! April Special... Cat Edition

Everyone knows that cats have nine lives, and the fact that cats often live well into their teens and beyond means that even an older kitty will have lots of time to spend in their forever families.   This month, adopters of pets age three and better will get a double reward – a seasoned cat, and $20 off the regular adoption fee! This means these gems can be adopted for only $60!

Here are just a few of our experienced cats:

Linda hates being in a cage, and who can blame her?  She came to us when her human moved to a place that didn’t allow pets, and she’s wondering when she’ll have a home of her own again.  She’s lived with dogs, cats and kids, and is a real beauty with unique markings. 

Harley will bring a whole lot of love to his forever home.  At 18 pounds, he’s a BIG boy.  Brought to us by his former owner, he’s sad and forlorn in the shelter.  He’s a real people person – a laid back cat with a fondness for ear scratches and head bumps who would love nothing more than to have a home of his own!

Buddy is a sweet and outgoing fellow who’s a favorite of the staff and volunteers.  He love people and other cats, and is a mellow guy who loves to be petted.  We can’t figure out why he’s still here, and he’s hoping someone will come get him soon!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Sweet 16 and Their Not So Sweet Start

16 puppies in one of the bins they were left in.
That's a lot of puppies!
Article Contributed by Siri Espy
An urgent call for help came into the Humane Society early Wednesday morning.  Sixteen five week-old puppies were found in a plastic container, shivering cold and wet, abandoned during the night at the landfill entrance to the Pitt County Animal Shelter.  Lacking the resources to care for the pups, the Shelter would have no choice but to euthanize them at the end of the mandatory 72 hour hold. 

We moved quickly to pick up the wiggly container of adorable puppies.  They chowed down ravenously on wet puppy food, and a call went out to our network of foster homes.  Soon, all 16 were on their way to safe temporary quarters, where they’ll remain until they’re ready for adoption.  Aptly dubbed the Sweet Sixteen, with names like Sparty, Wolverine, Virginia and Iowa, they’ll be able to advance to the next round - loving forever homes.

Our partnership with the Shelter resulted in 16 innocent lives saved, a good deed to counter the irresponsible and illegal dumping these puppies experienced the night before.  Nothing makes us smile more than the sight of a pile of sleeping, playing and eating furballs, but with all the cuteness comes the responsibility for their care.  Spaying or neutering, vaccines and microchipping alone will cost nearly $100 per pup, for a total of $1,600 in unplanned expenses – not including food and daily care until they are old enough to be adopted.

Now we’re relying on another partnership – with you, our friends.  By clicking on the donate button below, you can help us help the Sweet Sixteen come out winners.  We’ll keep you posted on their progress, and invite you to come visit and maybe bring a new best friend (or two) into your home when their bags are packed and they’re ready to go!

Thanks for your support, and please share this with your friends.  Working together, we can make a difference!
 Donate Here
Wolverine and Sparty taking a snooze in foster care!

Because everyone keeps asking about their names,
we present the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's Sweet 16 Team...
Connie (UConn)
Tuck (Kentucky) 
Flo (Florida)
Nessie (Tennessee)
Louise (Louisville)
Badger (Wisconsin)
Wolverine (Michigan)
Sparty (Michigan State)
Diego (San Diego State)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday with Hooch

Hooch is available for adoption! To find more information on this beautiful Bullmastiff mix click here. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bill - Available for Adoption

If you’re looking for a playful, kid friendly dog, we have one that will fit the bill – our Bill, of course! This delightful, cheerful canine is a youngster himself at just over two years old. He’s spent some time in a foster home with two of our volunteers, and they fell in love with Bill. “He is full of energy and loves to play,” she reported. “He also likes to be where we are, and likes to cuddle against us.”

"Let's talk about what my forever home will be like."
Smart and trainable, Bill quickly learned to sit, shake, lie down and stay. A people kind of guy, he does well with visitors and is more of a lover than a barker. He’s housebroken and walks on a leash, and enjoys falling asleep on his foster mom’s feet before bedtime. What’s not to love? His foster mom tells us that “he’s a sweet dog, and if we could keep him, we would.”

Has anybody seen Bill?  I can't find him.

Bill came to us heartworm positive. Because of this condition, Bill is part of our “Share the Love” half price special promotion for the month of February. While money can’t buy you love, a reduced adoption fee of only $60 will bring a loyal and loving best friend into your heart, and into your life!

"Did someone say 'walk'???"

If you’d like to meet Bill, and we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, all you need to do is visit our facility at 3520 Tupper Dr.  Bill will be returning from his foster vacation today around 4pm.  We are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 1pm - 5pm, and during the week by appointment. You can schedule an appointment by calling (252) 413-7247 or emailing us at HSECgeneral@gmail.com. Bill will be standing by, waiting for your call, ready to bring you his own special brand of love!
"I'm working on my puppy dog eyes.  What do you think?"