Monday, April 14, 2014

Over 3 for Reduced Fee! April Special... Cat Edition

Everyone knows that cats have nine lives, and the fact that cats often live well into their teens and beyond means that even an older kitty will have lots of time to spend in their forever families.   This month, adopters of pets age three and better will get a double reward – a seasoned cat, and $20 off the regular adoption fee! This means these gems can be adopted for only $60!

Here are just a few of our experienced cats:

Linda hates being in a cage, and who can blame her?  She came to us when her human moved to a place that didn’t allow pets, and she’s wondering when she’ll have a home of her own again.  She’s lived with dogs, cats and kids, and is a real beauty with unique markings. 

Harley will bring a whole lot of love to his forever home.  At 18 pounds, he’s a BIG boy.  Brought to us by his former owner, he’s sad and forlorn in the shelter.  He’s a real people person – a laid back cat with a fondness for ear scratches and head bumps who would love nothing more than to have a home of his own!

Buddy is a sweet and outgoing fellow who’s a favorite of the staff and volunteers.  He love people and other cats, and is a mellow guy who loves to be petted.  We can’t figure out why he’s still here, and he’s hoping someone will come get him soon!

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