Friday, March 28, 2014

The Sweet 16 and Their Not So Sweet Start

16 puppies in one of the bins they were left in.
That's a lot of puppies!
Article Contributed by Siri Espy
An urgent call for help came into the Humane Society early Wednesday morning.  Sixteen five week-old puppies were found in a plastic container, shivering cold and wet, abandoned during the night at the landfill entrance to the Pitt County Animal Shelter.  Lacking the resources to care for the pups, the Shelter would have no choice but to euthanize them at the end of the mandatory 72 hour hold. 

We moved quickly to pick up the wiggly container of adorable puppies.  They chowed down ravenously on wet puppy food, and a call went out to our network of foster homes.  Soon, all 16 were on their way to safe temporary quarters, where they’ll remain until they’re ready for adoption.  Aptly dubbed the Sweet Sixteen, with names like Sparty, Wolverine, Virginia and Iowa, they’ll be able to advance to the next round - loving forever homes.

Our partnership with the Shelter resulted in 16 innocent lives saved, a good deed to counter the irresponsible and illegal dumping these puppies experienced the night before.  Nothing makes us smile more than the sight of a pile of sleeping, playing and eating furballs, but with all the cuteness comes the responsibility for their care.  Spaying or neutering, vaccines and microchipping alone will cost nearly $100 per pup, for a total of $1,600 in unplanned expenses – not including food and daily care until they are old enough to be adopted.

Now we’re relying on another partnership – with you, our friends.  By clicking on the donate button below, you can help us help the Sweet Sixteen come out winners.  We’ll keep you posted on their progress, and invite you to come visit and maybe bring a new best friend (or two) into your home when their bags are packed and they’re ready to go!

Thanks for your support, and please share this with your friends.  Working together, we can make a difference!
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Wolverine and Sparty taking a snooze in foster care!

Because everyone keeps asking about their names,
we present the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's Sweet 16 Team...
Connie (UConn)
Tuck (Kentucky) 
Flo (Florida)
Nessie (Tennessee)
Louise (Louisville)
Badger (Wisconsin)
Wolverine (Michigan)
Sparty (Michigan State)
Diego (San Diego State)

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