Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sweet 16 Pupdate!

Sparty & Wolverine when they first arrived at their foster home
The NCAA tournament may be over, but for our Sweet Sixteen, life is just beginning!  These adorable pups were found abandoned in a plastic container outside the Pitt County Animal Shelter on a cold, rainy night.  Lacking the resources to care for them, the Humane Society received an urgent call, and we quickly found foster homes for all sixteen, where they have been loved, socialized and cared for.
Wolverine is ALMOST ready for his forever home.

We got an update from the foster mom of Sparty and Wolverine, two very small puppies who learned that people and playing are a lot of fun!  These happy gals have thrived on a diet of puppy food and milk replacement, and enjoy roughhousing, cuddling and giving kisses.

We are very grateful to everyone who stepped up and donated money, formula, wet food, and newspapers to help with their care.  Now these lively pups are getting ready to move to a new home court!  This Saturday, April 19, they will be spayed, neutered, and ready for adoption.  You’re invited to come visit, and maybe find a new best friend – or two!  They’ll be available on a first come, first served basis beginning Saturday at 1pm, and we’ll be there from 1-5 with sixteen very sweet reasons to drop by!
Sparty is getting BIG!

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