Sunday, October 16, 2011

Purrfect Post Cat of the Month - Soft

Although most of our black cats are at PetSmart right now, one of our long-time residents, Soft, is still available for adoption at our facility!  She is our Purrfect Cat of the Month and we're hoping she finds her forever home soon!
Soft is one of the few senior cats available at HSEC right now, she is approximately seven years old and came to us from an owner who simply had too many pets to care for.  Soft has had some trouble adjusting to life at the shelter so she tends to hide as a way to handle her stress.  When volunteers come to spend time with her Soft can seem very aprehensive about human attention but just the opposite is true!

First of all, Soft is one of the best crate-trained cats we've ever seen!  She is a bigger kitty so rather than try to remove her from her cage by hand when it's time to play or clean our staff know to just put the open crate up to Soft's cage and she climbs right in!

Just the other day we put Soft in our kitty play pen and she had a blast with our Director of Outreach, Katie!  It took her a little while to feel comfortable enough to come out of her carrier but once she did Soft was ready for love.  She clearly enjoyed the extra attention as Katie was petting her and she didn't mind at all when Katie got a brush out to groom Soft's long lugurious fur!

If you're interested in adoptiong Soft please stop by our facility or give us a call at (252) 413-7247.  Her adoption fee is $70, she is spayed and up to date on all vaccines.  Her new owners will inheret all of her medical records as well as a free bag of Hill's Science Diet cat food to get started!

Soft is a lovely lady who needs someone special to be patient with her and put in a little extra love while she comes out of her shell and shows what a wonderful companion she can be.

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