Friday, April 20, 2012

Purrfect Post Cat of the Month - Harriet

Meet Harriet!

Our special cat spotlight for the month of April is one gorgeous gal!  Miss Harriet has been with the HSEC for almost a year and she is ready for her forever home!

Harriet is a beautiful tortie with sweet golden eyes who has been living with one of our wonderful foster parents!  She was abandoned in a cardboard box at the front door of the humane society last summer and the volunteer who found her thought she was the sweetest thing.  Unfortunately when we took Harriet into the building and got her set up in her temporary new home she wasn't too happy!  It took her a while to warm up to the staff and volunteers but we're happy to report she's a whole new cat these days!

After moving in with her new foster mommy, Elise, Harriet really came out of her shell and started showing the world just was a great cuddle buddy she could be!  Elise loves Harriet dearly and sent us the following pictures and description of Harriet.  Even though they Elise is her best bud Harriet is on the prowl for her forever home.

Since moving in with Elise, Harriet has become an excellent tutor and encourages Elise to get all her homework done on time!

Harriet also realized she is a princess who needs her beauty sleep!

Harriet enjoys relaxing outdoors when the weather is nice and watching over her kingdom.

But most of all Harriet loves to be a cuddle monster!

Here is what Elise had to share with us about Harriet:

"Harriet is the popular cat! She is doing great. She likes to climb, run, and hunt. Bugs are her speciality right now, but if she had the chance she would love to get at some birds. She plays with her feather toy all day everyday. She loves that toy so much that she will actually carry it around with her if she moves into a new room. She likes laying on my comfy bed on top of my fluffy blanket. Most mornings when I wake up she is laying on top of me purring away. 
She doesn't get along with other animals very well. In fact, she will usually intimidate dogs that are much bigger than her. But I am working with her to be more accepting. Now instead of attacking dogs she will stay at a distance and observe them and growl if they get too close. But she is slowly improving. 
The other day she was so amped up with energy that she just started sprinting around the whole apartment. She was jumping on and off my bed, running under my bed, running out of the room, into the room - she was going crazy! I was just sitting in the middle of my room afraid to move."
It's clear that Harriet has grown into a wonderful and loving pet who enjoys playing with toys and cuddling with her human.  As Elise mentioned Harriet does not always get along well with other animals and may be best in a one-animal home.  If you're interested in seeing more pictures of Harriet and reading more from Elise please visit Harriet's petfinder page here!
Like all cats at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Harriet is up to date on her vaccines, she has tested negative for FIV/FeLV, she has been dewormed, she is on flea prevention, and she has been spayed.  Harriet's adoption fee is $70 which includes a free starter bag of Science Diet adult cat food and one free month of pet insurance!
If you're interested in meeting Harriet please give us a call at (252) 413-7247 or e-mail us at so we can set up a meet and greet!

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  1. Harriet is beautiful, and she sounds like a wonderful cat. Purrs and prayers that she finds a forever home real soon! Thank you for all you are doing.