Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just the facts please - January 2012 stats

January was an interesting month for HSEC. Because we have (for now) reduced intake so that we can decrease the number of residents at the facility, we only took in 10 new animals, and we adopted out 23. 30% of our adoptions were off-site this month.

We've decreased the number of our residents due to financial constraints, which you can read more about in this post. The decrease is intended to be temporary, and we would greatly appreciate your continued support so that we can return to full operating capacity.

Here’s the breakdown for January:

7 cats entered the facility.
  • 4 abandoned
  • 1 return
  • 0 strays
  • 2 surrenders
  • 0 transfers
It was a big month for kitty adoptions! 19 cats were adopted this month, including 9 adults and 10 kittens.

Kitty adoptions included:

Nook - in her new home!

Lucy (our December Purrfect Post Cat!)

Bear - in her new home!
3 dogs entered the facility, all returns.

4 dogs were adopted this month, all adults, including:

Kona (AKA Brownie) - in her new home!

Pluto - in his new home!

Congratulations to all the dogs and cats who found their forever homes this month! And if you’re one of the lucky new owners, we always love to hear how our former residents are doing! Post a photo of your little guy on our Facebook page.

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