Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Dog of the Month - Freddy!

We're kicking off June in style with our newest Blog Dog - Freddy! This sweet little guy has quite a story, but luckily for him, it has a happy ending at HSEC.

Freddy on arrival - an itchy, sad little elephant
Early in April, during one of the last frosts, someone dumped a hairless puppy on HSEC's doorstep. Abandoning animals in this fashion is reprehensibly cruel - not to mention illegal. When Freddy was found in the morning, shivering and miserable in his crate, he was immediately rushed to the vet. The diagnosis: demodicosis, AKA demodetic mange.

Demodex canis
Demodicosis is caused by the mite Demodex canis, which most dogs have in small numbers on their skin all the time. When the animal is stressed, malnourished, or has a depressed immune system, the mites can get out of control. Some animals may also have increased sensitivity to the mite. Because all dogs have the mite, demodicosis is not contagious. Usually flare ups are mild and do not cause much difficulty for the dog. Freddy's case was severe, causing almost total hair loss and painful, itching scabs over his body.
Throughout his treatment, Freddy remained affectionate and good natured.
 Luckily for this little dog, treatment for demodicosis is simple and effective. Freddy received baths and medication designed to get rid of the mites and soothe the infections on his skin. His hair seemed to grow back almost overnight. And to everyone's surprise, it came in black with cute little white spots on his chest. The scarring is very minimal, with little indication that he was ever afflicted.

On the road to recovery
Want to see Freddy today? Scroll down!

Today - recovered and ready for the next stage of his life.

The amazing thing about Freddy is not how he came to HSEC, nor his illness, nor his recovery. It is his personality, which remains undimmed by his ordeal. Everyone who meets Freddy describes him in the same way: happy! He's a completely normal puppy, enthusiastic about new friends and playmates and treats. He loves people, including children, and also loves other dogs.

The many faces of Freddy
Freddy is about 7-8 months old, and he's a pit bull mix. Mixed with what is anyone's guess. There's maybe some lab in there, and something else too, because he is quite small for a pit or a lab. It can be difficult to predict exactly how big a puppy will get, but Freddy's expected to reach only about 30 pounds when full grown.

Freddy and Katie Benson
 "I'm floored by what a happy puppy he is and how much he loves people", says Katie Benson, Director of Outreach for HSEC. As they say, to err is human - to forgive, canine. We think it's time for this sweetie to find his forever home. Are you the family that Freddy's been looking for?

Feeling much better and waiting for you!
Freddy has been fully vaccinated, is on flea and tick prevention and has been spayed and dewormed.  He has also tested negative for heartworms and is on heartworm prevention.  His adoption fee includes a bag of Science Diet dog food and one month of free pet insurance!

Thanks to blog photographer Amelia Muse and Magnolia Design Photography for the gorgeous pictures of Freddy!


  1. Oh my gosh, Freedy looks fantastic. Thank you SO much for loving him and taking care of him. You guys are wonderful.

    Paws and fingers crossed that Freddy find a forever home real soon.

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