Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ballad of Calamity Blue

This is the tale of a puppy named Blue
He's got a white nose and floppy ears too
But his cast and his pills
Have run up the bills
Poor old Calamity Blue.

Our story begins with the sound
Of a strange car pulling around.
They pushed a load out the door,
And put the gas to the floor,
Leaving something behind on the ground.

That's not something that good people do,
Throw you out like gum on a shoe.
Left there in the dirt,
Abandoned and hurt,
Poor old Calamity Blue.

Little Blue was rushed off to the vet.
A busted leg wasn't all for this pet
He was battered and bruised,
His tail was removed,
Blue is safe, but now we're in debt!

A wonderful foster came through
And opened her home up for Blue
With the help of some friends,
Little Blue's on the mend.
Lucky Calamity Blue!

But that's not the end for this hound,
Some pain meds - just once! - left around.
While his minder was gone,
The meds bag was torn,
The pills ended up on the ground.

After all he's already been through,
Blue's eaten pills that could dose a kangaroo.
We flew in a sweat
To the emergency vet.
Poor old Calamity Blue.

We're all so delighted to say,
This dog with nine lives is ok.
But this constant vet patient
Really needs your donations
Become a donor or sponsor today!

To our donors, a great big thank you!
It all helps, just a dollar or two.
Being perfectly candid,
We don't take you for granted,
You help us help doggies like Blue.

Blue's injured, but healthy in mind.
A more loving dog you can't find.
We see every day,
It's just like they say,
To err is human, to forgive, canine.

The story's not over for Blue
This puppy so loving and true.
Because of our donors,
He'll find a great owner!
Good old, sweet old, Calamity Blue.

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  1. Sweet Calamity Blue! We are purring and praying for you. Thank you Humane Society of Eastern Carolina, for all you do.