Friday, July 6, 2012

Deal of the Century: Fee-Waived Adoptions!

We have some exciting news to share today. Seven HSEC residents have just been approved for fee-waived adoptions, which means that there is no cost to take them home with you!

Our adoption fees are designed to cover or defray the costs incurred while the pet is living at the facility - food, medical care, and so on. But these residents have either lived at the facility for more than a year, or they have special needs and will greatly benefit from finding a home right now.

Don't worry - these animals are just as loving and wonderful as any other pet at HSEC. In fact, since we've known them for so long, we've gotten very attached. It's just time for them to move on to their forever homes, which is of course a huge benefit to each animal, but also benefits HSEC since we can use the space for more needy pets.

Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch. That concept is especially true of a "free" pet. All adopters must meet HSEC requirements.

We're hoping that this is the little extra push these cuties need to find their homes. And maybe they've been waiting so long because you haven't found them yet! Click on the name under each photo to visit that pet's Petfinder page, where you can get more information and see more pictures.

Blossom is a true lady, sweet, calm, and friendly. She's mastered the puppy dog eyes, so be warned! She is crate trained and housebroken. This mama sacrificed everything to raise her puppies, and when she arrived at HSEC, she was in bad shape. Now that she's been nursed back to health, she is most comfortable around women but is learning that men are good friends too. She needs to be in a home where she is the only dog - she isn't classically dog aggressive, but she will snap if another dog gets in her face. Our February 2012 Blog Dog of the Month!

Lilly is a smart, sociable girl who loves to be outdoors. And doesn't that doggy grin just make you smile? She excelled in foster care, where she learned several commands and had lots of fun camping and canoeing. If you're looking for a dog who will keep up with all your adventures, Lilly's the one for you! Our April 2012 Blog Dog of the Month!

In addition to having the world's cutest ears, Rocky is loyal, well-mannered, and easy to please. All he wants is a calm home (preferably one with other dogs to be his friends), a few treats once in a while (cheese is his favorite), and maybe a few toys to play with. Rocky has irritable bowel disease, a condition exacerbated by the stress of living at the facility. When in foster care, the condition went into immediate remission. Read more about IBD here. Rocky is house trained. He's a real favorite at the facility - we've known him since he was a pup, and we're hoping he gets to go home soon! Rocky was featured as a foster success story on the blog in February 2012.

Mona will always let you know how much she loves you! She's a vocal cat with personality to spare, and her beautiful, silky coat is so wonderful to touch. She loves attention and cuddles. But she doesn't like to share her humans with other cats, and doesn't like to be surrounded by so many felines at the Humane Society. Potential adopters have been mislead by her sulky demeanor, but that's not what she's really like. Give her a treat and some chin scratches, and she's yours forever. Mona needs to be the only cat in her home. Our January 2012 Blog Cat of the Month!

Olive is a striking girl who loves to play and give head boinks. Pictures don't really do justice to her beautiful and unusual markings, which she keeps exquisitely clean. She's alert and curious (some of her neighbors might say nosy), and will often stick a paw out of her cage to say hello. Olive likes attention on her own terms and needs an understanding family that will give her the affection she wants. Our February 2012 Blog Cat of the Month!

Harriet will greet you at the door when you come home and snuggle on your lap every night. She's a beautiful tortie with glowing eyes and is quite the chatterbox, upholding her end of every conversation with purrs and meows. She doesn't always like to be petted, but she loves to be near people and to cuddle up with them. In her foster home, she enjoys limited access to the outdoors, and is available as an indoor/outdoor cat to a home with a safe yard (no busy streets or aggressive dogs nearby). This is the kind of cat who will keep you company when you're sick. Our April 2012 Blog Cat of the Month!

Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe is a laid back, friendly guy who's never met a stranger. He'll greet you with a head boink and just loves to be petted and held. Smokey Joe is FIV positive, a chronic condition that can be managed well with preventative care, and is no barrier to a long and healthy life. Read more about FIV here. Smokey Joe is one of the sweetest cats we've ever had at HSEC. He's looking for someone with a big heart who will look past his diagnosis to see his wonderful personality. Our May 2012 Blog Cat of the Month!

These pets have been waiting a long time for their owners to walk through the facility door. Is one of them waiting for you?

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  1. Now that is a great deal! What could be better than a lifetime of love with no fee? We have our paws and fingers crossed that these sweet babies find their happily ever afters soon. :)

    Thanks for all you do!