Monday, August 13, 2012

Annie - Little Cat, BIG personality!

Annie is a rambunctious, playful five month old kitten who was born with Congenital Upper Eyelid Agenesis - basically, this is a birth defect that left her with no upper eyelids. With nothing to protect her delicate eyes, her fur rubs against them and is gradually damaging her cornea. The condition is uncomfortable, and will eventually damage her sight and lead to blindness.

Little Miss Annie needs surgery now so that there is no permanent damage to her eyes. The operation will be performed by a specialist at Animal Eye Care in Cary, NC. This procedure is finicky and complex, involving a graft that will create the new eyelids. We need $815 to cover the cost of her care.

If successful, her longterm prognosis is very good. She will never look completely "normal", but she is not expected to look significantly different than she looks now. We think she looks like a little cartoon kitty! Right now she requires artificial tears, but has no other treatment.

Sweet Annie loves to romp and get into mischief (just ask her foster family)! We're very lucky that we have the opportunity to help her now before her condition becomes more debilitating.

You can see more photos of Annie and some of our other residents at our imgur page here.

Please consider a donation towards Annie's care. This link will take you to her ChipIn page, where you can make a donation right to her! You can also click on the Donate button on the top right of the page.
And for whatever you can give, we are very, very thankful.

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  1. Tinkerbelle, my black female that I adopted from Saving Graces in 2007 (has it really been that long ago?) had this condition that was corrected when she was a kitten, and she has been wonderful and the most loving kitty I could have ever asked for. It's funny to see the reactions from people who have never met her before, including once at the vet when she popped her head out of the carrier and the Tech exclaimed "Oh!", lol.

    Annie is beautiful! Wishing her good luck with the surgery, and hopes that she can find a wonderful home as well.