Friday, August 24, 2012

Jog A Dog!

On Wednesday we posted a picture of Brittany the puppy with her whole head in a bucket. What could have made this energetic little pup so tired?

Jog A Dog!

Welcome to our latest program, a joint initiative between HSEC, Intone Fitness, and Children' Health Services designed to help your kids and our dogs get some exercise and socialization. Every Saturday, a group consisting of kids ages 11+ meets at our facility and is matched up with a dog that they can handle.

The six-week program was initially designed to help children who have specific health goals or who might need an extra incentive to get moving, but anyone is welcome!

Our dynamic kid-puppy duos first head out to the field behind the facility, where they complete a 1/2 mile walk/jog. Returning to the building, the kids are led in calisthenics, performing jumping jacks, sit ups, and so on, with lots of opportunities to praise and pet the tired dog sitting at their feet. Finally, the kids lead the dogs through agility course training.

So far the program has been a success, and guaranteed to leave both kids and dogs ready for an afternoon nap. Though, as anyone with a child or a puppy can tell you, you can't keep a youngster down for long. After a quick power nap, our puppies are once again excited to greet afternoon visitors.

Positive interactions help puppies to become properly socialized, and will ensure that these dogs are child-friendly. In fact, four doggie participants in the program have already been adopted!

If you're looking for a good family dog, why not ask about a Jog A Dog alum?

In other sports news, September 1st will launch us into another ECU football season, and HSEC will once again be running a concession stand during the games. We always need volunteers for this fundraiser. It's a great one for a group. If your office or club is looking for some social service opportunities, why not take over our stand for a game? Individuals, couples, or families are also welcome. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Katie Benson at

And we'll see you at the game!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is so fun. What a wonderful program! :)