Monday, October 15, 2012

Foster Tails - Diane and Blue

Animals at the Humane Society are well cared for, with lots of TLC from the staff and volunteers.  But it’s still not home.  Some of our temporary guests just don’t do well at the facility, and that’s where our group of compassionate foster parents come in.  These volunteers open their homes to cats and dogs in need of a little extra attention, and we’d love to see these deserving animals go from their foster homes to their forever homes. Here are the stories of two of our waiting pets.

Diane is a four year old black and white cat who was brought to us by an owner who had “too many cats”.  She was often too nervous to come out of her box at the Humane Society, but blossomed in her foster home.  Her foster mom reports, “She's completely settled at the apartment now and I feel like she's my shadow whenever I'm here because as soon as I get home she runs to the door to greet me and she's always following me from room to room.”

Diane loves her toys, especially a stuffed mouse that she throws into the air and chases.  She’s become quite the talker, and loves sitting by the window, watching the world go by while she is safe indoors.  She sleeps with her foster mom, and rubs against her legs with her purr motor running. 
In her cage, Diane was such a scaredy-cat that she was easy to overlook, but now that she’s in a home, she’s a loving, playful kitty who loves to be loved.  She has told us that she does not want to go back to a cage, but really wants a home of her own. 

Blue, a pit bull mix, has had a rough life, but is a survivor who’s ready to experience a lifetime of love.  In May, a car drove up to the Humane Society, pushed Blue out, and sped off.   Clearly in a lot of pain, Blue was immediately taken to the vet, where he was found to have several broken bones – one was the humerus, the long bone that connects the shoulder to the forearm – and the other was his tail, which had to be amputated.

After spending eight weeks in a splint, and many costly vet visits later, Blue has healed.  He was fortunate to find a foster mom who’s an athletic trainer and worked on his rehabilitation.  He loves to run and go for long walks.  Despite his cruel treatment, he’s a people dog, and would do great with any age humans.  He loves to cuddle, and is happy to join his foster mom on the couch or in her bed.  He’s made friends easily at the dog park, and would do well with a doggy sibling.

Blue’s hobbies include playing catch, tennis balls, ice cubes, sunbathing, and chasing bugs.  His foster mom reports, “He is perfectly crate trained, all I have to do is tell him to go to his home and he'll go lay down in his crate.”  

We’re hoping the next step in Blue’s journey is home, where he can continue to run and play as he so deserves.  He’d love to meet you, either at his foster home or at the HSEC facility!

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