Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Stats

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As we say goodbye to the summer of 2012, let's take a look at our summer stats!

In July and August, we took in 52 animals in total; 32 in July and 20 in August. Our July intake was 14 dogs and 18 cats, while in August we took in 7 dogs, 1 puppy, 4 cats, and 8 kittens. At the end of August, we had 47 animals in our care.

Adoptions in July and August totaled 55! We had 29 adoptions in July and 26 in August. July numbers include 7 dogs, 7 puppies, 4 cats, and 11 kittens. In August, we adopted out 5 dogs, 6 puppies, 6 cats, and 9 kittens.

As always, puppies and kittens go fast! It's hard to resist those cute little faces. We're happy to say that most animals do not remain at the facility for long. The average stay, from intake to adoption, is less than 40 days!

Summer adoptions include:

Kayla and her new owner, HSEC animal care tech Danny

Lilly - after living at HSEC for a year and two months! Featured on the blog.

Olive - featured on the blog


... and Newton, adopted together!

Slate, adopted by a tech at Firetower Animal Clinic


Theodore with his new sister!

We also have some pictures of HSEC alums sent in by YOU! Post your pictures on Facebook or send them to and they will be included in our next stats post!

Rudy, adopted two years ago - now in the doghouse for pigging out on her brother kitty's food!

Mona - featured on the blog


Razzle and her mommy Christina

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