Friday, September 13, 2013

Inspector Hector: You've been deputized!

Inspector Hector is a four year old Shepherd/Pitt Bull mix.  He’s currently in foster care, and is sniffing around for a home of his own! Follow his adventures through HSEC social media #inspectorhector

Hi, Deputy Inspectors!  Just thought I’d check in and let you know what’s happening with your faithful friend, Inspector Hector.

I’m still hoping my super snooping skills lead me to my forever home, and hanging out in my foster home in the meanwhile.  My detailed research, using my extreme investigative intelligence, has led me to a few conclusions.

First, my ideal home is out there.  I just know it is.  After all, there has to be a person, or maybe people, who need someone to make sure their home is patrolled and safe.  I will know what’s going on at all times, and I want my people to be protected from any changes.   I will especially guard against any cats that might be bold enough to venture onto MY territory. 

One of the things I’ve learned for sure, and I’ve given it a lot of thought, is that I do love people.  People do some absolutely awesome things, like pass out dog biscuits for good behavior.  I always like to be first in line when the treats are given.  I think there are enough to go around, but you just can’t be too careful, I say.  If my foster siblings beat me to it, I am always patient and polite as I wait my turn.  People seem to like patient and polite dogs, so I try my best.  I also love to be petted, which is one of the things I’ve decided people do best.

I have also been told that I am a great playmate.  OK, I’ll admit that sometimes playing with other dogs is so exciting that I get just a bit carried away, but I have learned to calm down, and my foster siblings have been known to provide a reminder.  Now I’m one of the gang, and my superior reasoning skills have led me to believe that I’d love to have another dog to play with!

So I’ve provided you with a few more clues to help me, your buddy Inspector Hector, find my way to a home that needs me as much as I need them.  Can you help me along the trail by sharing this, and asking your friends to join in the search?

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