Friday, August 23, 2013

Inspector Hector: Morning Investigationals

Inspector Hector is a four year old Shepherd/Pitt Bull mix.  He’s currently in foster care, and is sniffing around for a home of his own! Follow his adventures through HSEC social media #inspectorhector

Inspector Hector here, reporting for duty!  Yes, I am still on the trail, looking for clues that will lead me to my forever home.

Let me tell you about a very important part of my routine, my morning investigationals.  When I wake up, like most creatures, I need to go out, if you know what I mean.  So my first task is to check out my foster humans and see where they are.  My research has shown that they are typically still in bed.  I have honed my skills to land precisely between the two, and have found that doggie kisses make a fine wake-up tool.

 I enjoy rolling in the covers, but I still have the outside business to do.  But on the way, a quick check of the house is in order for an inspector type such as myself, so I take a lap around the house, at top speed, before arriving at the back door.
That's me in the center, with my roomies!
Once outside, it is important to make sure the premises are free of cats.  I am not fond of cats, and definitely do not want them on the property.  I also make sure the squirrels know they are not welcome, and once these duties are finished, I celebrate by vaulting over the rosebushes and taking a few laps around the yard.  It is such a great feeling to know my job is done!

Sometimes, one of the humans will go back to bed with a cup of coffee.  That is my favorite time.  I feel it is my duty to check out the bed, and will join whoever is there.  As a reward for a superior morning investigational, I get chest rubs, right on the white spot between my front legs.  I must admit that sometimes the bed feels so good that I can’t help taking just a bit of a morning nap, often with one of my foster siblings. 

I just love mornings!  The only thing better would be spending them with my forever family in my forever home.  So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sniff out clues that will lead me there!

Although Inspector Hector is in foster care, it’s easy to arrange a time to meet him at the Humane Society’s Tupper Road facility.  Just call HSEC at 252-413-7247 or email and we’ll find a time that works for you!

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