Friday, August 2, 2013

Jammin with Judd - Judd is ADOPTED!!

Judd is an adorable three-year old white and tabby fellow who was hanging out at the Humane Society looking for a home, until he moved to a foster home to continue waiting.  He told us he would blog every week until he got a home of his own.

Remember when I told you that I’m a living in a home kinda guy?  I thought life in my foster home was pretty sweet, but I found something even sweeter.  Yes, I’ve been ADOPTED!
I examine my body of blogging work

A while back, some very nice humans came in and visited with me, but they adopted another cat who came to the Humane Society from the same high-kill shelter as me at the same time.  Although I was very happy for her, I was also very sad that I hadn’t found a home.  Well, it turns out that they actually wanted TWO cats, and after they saw my blog, they decided to come back and visit with me again.  My foster mom brought me to the Humane Society for a meet and greet, and I made it a point to give myself an extra-special bath, not missing a single spot, so I would look my best.

So here I am, in my new home!  And I absolutely love it here!  When I first arrived, they put me in a “safe room” so I could get used to the rest of the family, but I told you I would try to be brave when I got to my forever home, and I was!  The next day, I managed to open the door (quite an accomplishment, I know) and I walked out and joined the rest of the family – MY family!

It is so much fun to explore the new house!  It has a bunch of rooms, and plenty of space to spread
Me and my new brother Micah
out on the floor, and it’s really exciting to look out all the windows and doors!  And along with the humans, I have three furry siblings.  I got re-acquainted with their other new cat, the one from the Humane Society, who has a new name but still smells familiar.  She hisses at me a bit, but I’m not too worried about that, and I really do like her even though she wants to be the boss.  And I adore their two dogs, who are really cool guys.  We like to hang out together – I think you might say we have a furry bromance – they are my new brothers, after all!
Ahhh. Life is sweet.

One of my very favorite things here is all the playing.  My new dad also likes to play too, and we’ve had a ball playing with balls!  One day, I was so excited about playing that I kept bringing him balls, but he told me it was 6 am and he had just gotten home from work, so I guess he wasn’t so much in a playing mood.  But my new dad is so awesome that it’s OK.  Later, I was just a bit embarrassed that I was playing so hard with a feather toy that I fell sound asleep on my back while I was playing with it.  Being a happy cat can be so exhausting – but in a good way.

My mom and dad tell us that they were very sad when they lost their last cat, but now that they have my new sister and me, they’re happy again.  I make it a point to give them lots of head boinks, and in return they give me lots of love.  I think it’s a pretty good deal all around. 

The Humane Society of East Carolina has many other equally wonderful cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes.  Come and visit today, and find your new best friend!  We’re open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 2-5.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your new family, Judd!