Monday, July 22, 2013

Jammin with Judd - Let's Meet!

Judd is an adorable three-year old white and tabby fellow who’s living in a foster home since life at the facility was starting to get him down. He tells us he will blog every week until he gets adopted.  He really wants a place of his own! Follow his adventures through HSEC social media - #jamminwithjudd

Well, another week in my foster home, and I must say that I am certainly a living in a home kinda
guy.  I just love having room to sprawl out, and having humans around is absolute heaven.  Being petted and having laps to sit on – now that’s the life!

The only sad thing is that I know this is not my forever home, and I really want one.  I was a little shy and spooked when I arrived here, but after a couple of days I got very happy, and I know I can do it again!  Really, all I need is some loving, some treats, and a place of my own.  Is that too much for a guy to ask?

There is one thing that has been worrying me.  Since I’m not at the Humane Society’s facility, how would someone go about meeting me and adopting me?  Resourceful cat that I am, I scratched around a bit and found out that all a human would need to do is to call HSEC on any kind of telephone at 252-413-7247 or email on a computer or smart phone to fill out a pre-adoption application, which is easy to do.

The people there are very nice, and they will make sure you and I will be a good match (I’ll bet we will).  Then they’ll find a good time for us to meet and greet at their facility.  My schedule is pretty much wide open, but you, my foster mom and the people at the facility can find a time that works for everybody.

I must confess that I’m not much of a traveler – not many of us cats are – but I really do want to meet my forever humans, so I’ll try to be brave.  So let’s get together!  I’ll bet we can be each other’s BFFs!

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