Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jammin With Judd: Holiday Edition

Judd is an adorable three-year old white and tabby fellow who’s hanging out at the Humane Society looking for a home.  He tells us he will blog every week until he gets adopted.  He really wants a place of his own! Follow Judd's adventures - and share your own experiences with him - on Twitter, #jamminwithjudd

I understand that this week is a time when humans like to set off fireworks.  Well, I would like to be your firework!  Although having booms and lights in the sky seems a bit strange to me, I am willing to do my best.

Being a shelter cat does get a bit monotonous, you know.  I am ready to bust out of here, just my own personal Independence Day.  The problem is that I’m not really an independent kind of guy.  I figure I need humans for several very important things, like food, water, toys, playing, treats, and most of all, love!  Yes, I am a very committed love bug, with a special fondness for petting  and laps!  So while I want to be independent of the cage thing, I can’t imagine life without people!

I’m hoping that my time is coming.  What are you doing this weekend, now that the holiday is over?  I’m still hanging out at the Humane Society, and I’m wondering if you’re the one to help me explode in a stunning display of kitty joy?  We can be one another’s fireworks…any time you’re ready!

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