Friday, August 9, 2013

Inspector Hector is On the Case!

Inspector Hector is a four year old Shepherd/Pit Bull mix.  He’s currently in foster care, and is sniffing around for a home of his own! He'll be blogging here until he find his forever home, so follow him on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter: #inspectorhector

My beauty shot

Well, hello – Inspector Hector here!  As you may have guessed by my name, I like to know everything that’s going on and personally inspect every inch. So I decided to put my skills to work and check out how a great dog like me goes about getting himself adopted.

I must say my investigations so far have helped me find my way to a good spot.  A nice sort of human found me as a stray, then brought me to the Humane Society.  I don’t think living in a kennel is a good idea, so they found me a foster home.  But there’s one more trail of clues to follow – and they’ll lead to my forever home.

Nothing much gets by me, the Inspector, so I found out that a couple of animals in foster care like me wrote blogs and found their forever homes.  I love to find things, so here I am.

In my day, I have sniffed dogs, cats and humans, and I’ll tell you what I think.  I get along very well with humans, both the big ones and the little ones.  Sometimes, I get so excited around the very little ones that my tail-wags knock them over, and I have discovered that they seem not to like that.  I have observed that the medium-sized and bigger humans stay on their feet much better.

I’m living with other dogs, and in carefully checking out the situation, I like them too.  Cats, however, have not passed my sniff test, and I’ll be happy to chase them away for you.  People and dogs, good; cats, bad.  That’s what I’ve learned.
Hard at work on the latest case!

As an official inspector, I’m always on the job.  Some dogs would just lie down on a bed without
knowing what’s in it, but not me.  I need to look under the covers and then stretch out on the bottom sheet.  And I feel like it’s my responsibility to check out what’s happening in the kitchen.  You just never know these days.

The family I’m searching for will help me investigate.  I need plenty of exercise, and you’ll need to understand that I must check everything out along the way.  Hey, it’s my job.  And if you want to investigate me, it’s easy.  Just call HSEC at 252-413-7247 or email to arrange a time to meet.

I’m  also looking for some deputy inspectors, which is where you come in.  If you have a good sniffer, can you help me find a home?  If you share this blog with your friends and ask them to “like” the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina page, we’ll be able to expand our investigation and gather more clues.  I’m on the case – how about joining me?

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