Friday, November 30, 2012

Cats: Fact vs. Fiction

At the Humane Society, we love both dogs and cats, and want them all to find loving homes.  But sometimes we find that people who have never shared their lives with felines have a few misconceptions!

Myth: Cats are always aloof and independent.  They don’t really have personalities like dogs.

Cats come in all colors, big and small, with short, medium and long hair, and their personalities vary just as much.  While some cats are stand-offish, just as many are lap-loving snuggle bugs.  Some will follow their humans from room to room, greet them at the door at the end of the day, and even play fetch.  Our adoption counselors will work with you to match the cat’s personality to yours, providing just the right companion.

Myth: If you have a dog at home, you can’t adopt a cat since they’ll never get along.

We’ve heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs”, but in most cases this just isn’t true.  Cats and dogs have been known to become BFFs, cuddling up together, and even grooming one another.  If you’re thinking about adding a cat to your family, check out your dog’s behavior around cats (on a leash, for safety).  If the dog is neutral, curious, or friendly, you’ve got a great chance of a harmonious future - with proper introductions.

Myth: Cats belong outdoors and don’t make good house pets.

Cats are much safer and happier indoors, away from the hazards of the great outdoors.  Indoor cats make great companions, and won’t grace you with prizes like dead birds and fleas.  Cats are delighted to curl up by a sunny window and watch the world go by, cozy in a house with a favorite human or two.

Ok, but I’ve always been a dog person – I know I just wouldn’t be happy with a cat.

Many cat people started out as dog-lovers, and over time learned about cats, often by accident.  In fact, cats can be just as loving, and can be a great low-maintenance alternative to dogs.  People with long hours or occasional travel find that not having to rush home to walk a dog works better with their lifestyles.  An older cat, or perhaps a pair to amuse one another, can be just fine on their own.

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