Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, many of us are counting our blessings.  Perhaps they include a roof over our heads, good food, a loving family, and good friends.  And those of us who are really fortunate will count a furry friend (or two, or three…) among the very good things in our lives.

If we were cat and dog whisperers, we’ll bet those pets would have a thing or two to say about gratitude, especially from those who have been rescued from bad situations and homelessness, some with a stay in an animal shelter before settling into your home.  Yes, snuggling in to a warm, loving home with winter approaching is something for us and our pets to be especially thankful for. 

At this time of year, we at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina give thanks for you – our volunteers, donors, adopters and goodwill ambassadors.  Without your support, our work to match our wonderful animals with equally wonderful humans would be impossible.

As we look ahead, we’d like to ask you to help us increase the number of dogs and cats who can give thanks for the warmth and security of a forever home.  Share our posts with your Facebook friends, and recruit them to like us and get our news feeds.  If you have the time and the means, volunteer or donate – or both!  And if you’re thinking of bringing some holiday cheer to your life and that of a homeless pet, adopt!

But most of all, thanks for being a friend to our cause!

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