Monday, November 5, 2012

Foster Tails - Precious and Mystic

Living in a cage is not a long-term solution for homeless pets, and we’re grateful to be able to call on a group of dedicated foster volunteers who open their hearts and homes to provide TLC and a cage break to animals in need.

Three year-old Precious is a kitty who’s currently enjoying life in a foster home.  This solid black beauty came to us when her human became too ill to care for her, and she spent much of her time lying in her cage.  Friendly and delighted to be petted, Precious soaks up love like a sponge, and will be an ideal pet for someone looking for affection and devotion.

“Precious is really enjoying all the new space,” reports her foster mom.  She’s been exploring the house, and was happy to join her temporary human in bed.  A bit chubby, Precious is running up and down stairs and chasing her little toy balls, becoming a bit more svelte in the process.  She loves being brushed, and is all spiffed up and ready to go to her forever home, where she can be the Precious kitty once more. 

Described by her foster mom as “pretty close to perfect”, Mystic is a sleek black retriever mix with just a touch of white on her chest.  She’s a dog of many talents:  a laid-back gal who enjoys being near her humans, as well as a playful pup who loves to walk and play fetch.   Mystic is also a bright girl who’s housebroken and knows sit, lay, stay, and come.   She’s not a barker, and can even catch treats in the air!

Mystic has forgiven the circumstances that brought her to us, and loves people and dogs.  She has blossomed in a home, and is hoping to find one of her own very soon.  She’s willing to bring a lifetime of love and fun in return.  Her foster mom sums it up perfectly:  “All in all, she will make someone or some family very happy.”

We would love to see Precious and Mystic move directly from their foster homes to their forever homes.  To visit with them, contact us at 252-413-7247 or and we’ll arrange a visit at the foster home or in our Tupper Road facility.  Please share their story to help them find the love they deserve!

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