Friday, March 8, 2013

Success Series - Belle (Khaki)

Welcome to the final installment of our Success Series! We hope you have enjoyed this look at just a handful of the many pets who have found their forever homes through HSEC. Don't worry, we'll still post success stories, just not every week. If you have a success story you'd like us to feature, please email it to

Many thanks to blog contributor Siri Espy for all her hard work on this series! 

Here's Belle
(AKA Khaki)

Like many of our residents, Khaki had a rough start in life.  She and her four littermates were born outdoors to a stray dog.  Fortunately, a Humane Society volunteer lived nearby and took them in.  When the puppies were eight weeks old, our volunteer decided to keep one, and the others came to us in search of their forever homes.

Khaki was the most timid of the family, and therefore remained with us after her siblings had all found families.  She was slow to approach strangers, and nervous walking on a leash away from familiar territory, although she did develop a fondness for a rousing game of fetch. 

After months of waiting, Khaki’s lucky day arrived when her new family saw her photo on our web site and e-mailed us for information.  They stopped by to visit her, and couldn’t resist taking her home, ready for the challenges a shy puppy would present.

Renamed Belle (from Beauty in the Beast), she made amazing progress in her first week home.  Although she was petrified of the unfamiliar stairs, she learned quickly, and found a welcome retreat in her crate.  Belle soon learned to explore the neighborhood on her walks, and quickly became comfortable with her humans, giving kisses and looking for pets.  Her new mom, Peggy, reported, “We have all just fallen in love with her…she is super, super loving.”

Peggy was soon happy to share a second update, reporting that Belle was “still a bit jumpy” but had come a long way.  Belle grew to love walks, and found new hobbies in chasing birds and chewing sticks.  A quiet dog, she began to enjoy barking at the TV when watching shows with a lot of movement.  This smart girl quickly mastered sit, stay and roll over. 

Thanks to our kind volunteer who took her and her siblings into her home, what could have been a tragic story now has a happy ending.  Her patient, loving human mom Peggy sums it up:   “She is really
really sweet and we are very happy we got her!”  As she grows in confidence and settles into the good life, we’re betting Belle would very much agree.

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