Friday, March 15, 2013

Ten Reasons to Visit Canine Crawl!

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is Canine Crawl - and it's scheduled for this Sunday, March 17th, at Town Common in Greenville! The weather looks good (fingers crossed), and we can't wait to see you! The 5k begins at 9am (registration begins at 8), and the main event begins at noon. We're going to be there - and here's our top ten reasons why!

1. Canine Crawl is a family friendly St. PAWtrick's Day event!
You can bring your whole family out to Canine Crawl, including your dogs! All of our events are appropriate for all ages.

2. Stay active, with your dog!
Canine Crawl will feature both a 5k and a 1k. If your dog is able, you are encouraged to run with your pooch! Both humans and dogs can benefit from a bit of exercise.

3. Not looking to run? Why not relax instead!
Not much of a runner? No problem! Canine Crawl will also feature the Cat Nap. This means that you can get sponsored to sleep in while everyone else is doing the 5k or the 1k. How awesome is that?

4. Bond with your dog!
Canine Crawl offers a unique environment for you and your dog to bond with one another, whether it be during the races, checking out Vendor Village, or relaxing.

5. Network!
Canine Crawl is a great place to meet new friends. You already know that you have a love of animals in common with the other people present, so really you're just getting to know people who are already your friends. Your dog might want to make some new friends, too!

6. Find a new pet!
The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina will have some our adoptable dogs at Canine Crawl, as will some of the other great rescues who are attending. It's the perfect place to see our dogs outside of our facility, having fun and being social!

7. Microchipping!
Canine Crawl will feature low cost microchipping for your best friend. Most vets and shelters check found dogs for microchips. If your pup ever gets loose, microchipping will ensure that he is returned to you, even if he slipped out of his tags.

8. Vendor Village
Canine Crawl will have the Vendor Village, which will feature wonderful things for sale from dog treats to t-shirts, and much more! Pick up some gifts for loved ones, your pet, or yourself!

9. Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
Show support for The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and join our family of staff, volunteers, and supporters. By supporting HSEC, you're being a wonderful example of caring and compassion for some of those who need it most.

And the number one reason to go to Canine Crawl is...

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is a no kill facility and a non-profit (501c3) organization. We receive no government funding and thus rely on our wonderful supporters and fundraising for support. Canine Crawl is our biggest fundraiser of the year! By supporting HSEC, you're helping us help cats and dogs who all require housing, food, medications, beds, toys, and love.

Help Us Help Them and attend Canine Crawl, March 17th 2013 at the Greenville Town Commons in Greenville, North Carolina! See for more information on times and events!

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