Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrating Blossom

It is with heavy hearts today that we mourn the passing of Blossom, the pit bull that we have featured before on the blog. Her story is here.

Any discussion of Blossom's life must include at least some mention of its hard beginning. Consider it therefore mentioned, so that we may focus instead on the last and happiest part of Blossom's life - the home she shared with owners Ashley and Dan. After all, while dogs may remember the past they do not dwell in it, nor do they count the days and grieve for what might have been. From the moment Blossom went home, all that she knew was that she was cherished and loved.

Everyone here at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina knew Blossom, but only Ashley and Dan had the honor of seeing her become - blossom - into her true self. Their endless patience and love transformed this dog from a nervous stray into a pet that was playful and mischievous, clever and cuddly. She slept in the bed with her people every night, her head pillowed on Dan's shoulder. She enjoyed daily walks, and was often adorned in costumes created by Ashley. She even got to see the ocean.

On Tuesday, April 16, Blossom went into cardiac arrest during a routine surgical operation and passed away despite heroic resuscitation attempts by the attending veterinarians. She was brought home, lovingly dressed in her favorite pink tutu, and laid to rest in one of her favorite places beneath hundreds of brilliant springtime flowers. As she had been in life, she was surrounded by her family and others who loved her. She will never know how many lives she touched with her sweetness, gentility, and above all, her ability to trust despite her many past hardships.

"She made us a family," Ashley says. Blossom was a remarkable dog, and she will be greatly missed.

"Every life is noted and is cherished,
And nothing loved is ever lost or perished."
- Madeline L'Engle

For those who are mourning the loss of a pet, please read our entry here.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this post together! Blossom touched so many lives and this is a great way to honor her :-)