Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Birthday Wish List

There’s nothing better than a birthday celebration!  And we’re not ashamed of our age- in fact, we’re
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proud to say we’re turning 35 (that’s 245 in dog years)!

We’re grateful for the support from the community that has allowed us to serve homeless dogs and cats, and we know the pets we’ve placed are grateful for a second chance.  We’ll be celebrating our birthday all throughout May, and we’ll be hosting a virtual party on our social media sites (the blog, Facebook, and Twitter) on May 15th, as well as a special party at our facility on May 18 – more details to come!

One of the toughest things about birthday celebrations is knowing what gifts to bring.  We’ve made it easy for our friends by creating a wish list on Amazon.  After clicking on the link, it’s a piece of birthday cake to order some of the items we really need.

Our list is modest and practical, starting with litter boxes and food bowls at less than $6.  Greenies pill pockets allow us to hide medications to be gobbled down like treats.  Sprayers will help us keep the facility clean, and a variety of carriers and cages on our list will help us transport our furry friends and keep them safe. 

“Adopt Me” vests can be worn when our pets are offsite, encouraging potential adopters to spend a few moments getting to know and love them.  Gift cards at Lowe’s and Sam’s Club are also on our Amazon list; available in any denomination, they will allow us to remain well-stocked.

With your support, we’re looking forward to the next 35.  We hope we can count on you to donate, volunteer, adopt, spread the word – and join the party animals at the Humane Society for a celebration of our milestone!  Tail wags and kisses of gratitude will surely come your way!

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