Friday, May 3, 2013

Foster Tales - Salem

With a name like Salem, you know we're talking about a black cat! This lovely sleek kitty is currently
in foster care, and we have an adorable foster update. Salem's foster caretaker tells us,

"He meowed all the way to my house. He was probably pretty scared and nervous. When I got him into my house, he immediately went to try and find a place to hide. Ultimately, he spent a lot of time behind my downstairs toilet. The first night, he did end up venturing up to my room and sat next to my bed meowing at me at around 3 AM. The next day after work, I found him hiding inside of my tv box which was being stored under my guest bed. The second night he tried to sleep with me on my bed but his nails kept digging at my skin as he was kneading my shoulder so that did not work out. Now that I've had him for a week, he definitely feels more comfortable. He spends most of his time upstairs in the bedrooms. I think he likes that I keep my bedroom window open so he can look out. In fact, a stray cat has been hanging out on my patio and I bet it is because the stray sees Salem.
I've noticed 2 quirky things about Salem. One, is that he likes to watch the toilet flush. As soon as he hears me push the handle, he runs and jumps onto the seat and just watches with fascination. The second thing is that he likes to drink from the faucet. Each morning, he jumps into my bathtub and meows at me. I wouldn't even think to turn on the water but a friend of mine in South Carolina turns her kitchen faucet on for her half-blind cats and they prefer the running water. So I turned on the cold water in a slow but steady stream and he likes to lick directly from the stream, from the small pool on the bottom of the tub or he lifts his paw to the stream and then licks from his paw.
He absolutely loves being brushed and lays near or on my stuffed bunny. He's been a good house guest so far!"

We're so glad that Salem is doing well! It's the lucky family indeed who will give this black cat his forever home. For more information on this adoptable cat, check out his Petfinder page or contact HSEC!

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