Friday, May 31, 2013

Clooney's Commentary: Meet Clooney!

Hey!  Clooney here!  I’ve been a resident of the Humane Society over a year now.  The people here have been awesome, but there is one thing they haven’t done – find me a forever home.  So I’ve decided to take matters into my own paws and talk directly to you. 

Somewhere out there in Facebookland, I’m sure there is someone who is looking for a guy just like me.  I’m a handsome dude, and still a youngster at age four.  I’m a Shepherd mix, so I’m a big pup.  I must admit that there just may be a bit more of me to love, and I could probably stand to lose a pound or two – or ten or so…

My hobbies include going on walks – I am a very well-behaved leash-walker – and snuggling with humans.  Despite my size, I love to sit on laps, and am looking for a lap (or a family of laps) to call my own.  And to make me even more of a find, my adoption fee has been waived!  I knew I was priceless, but now that’s really true.

I also enjoy hanging out with other dogs about my size, and have made some good friends at the Humane Society. I do have one confession to make…when I see cats or small dogs, my prey drive kicks in, and I want to chase them.  I’ve tried to resist, but what’s a guy to do?  So they say I should go to a home with no other pets or bigger dogs.  I suppose they’re right, although that chasing thing sure is fun!

I was recently adopted by a young man for just a few days, until he realized his schoolwork just didn’t allow him the time he needed to take care of me.  I loved living in a home, and I was very sad to be returned.  Now I’m living in a foster home, which is pretty cool, but I know I can’t stay here forever, which is where YOU come in.

My foster mom has agreed to help me write some posts and share some pictures so everyone can get to know me and see what a great guy I am.  I’m calling them Clooney’s Commentary, and I hope you’ll read and share them until I get a home of my own.  Can I count on you to help a fellow out?

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