Monday, April 1, 2013

Link Roundup

Welcome to another link roundup! We are happy to bring you the internet's animal news.

Did you run with your furry friend in our recent 5k? Dogs make great running partners! The Daily Reflector has an article about how to safely and productively run with your dog.

Cats... they aren't like us. Here's a collection of 36 cartoons featuring everyone's favorite feline jokes.

Keeping your indoor cat happy can be a challenge. Some people have even made catios - that is, a screened-in patio where their cat can safely enjoy the outdoors. And here's a DIY project that will also allow kitty limited access to the outside world. 

Heroism is everywhere, even in our own backyard! A Manteo, NC boy came across a group of kids tormenting a cat and stepped in to save the animal's life. The cat, Jackson, is now recuperating at the Outer Banks SPCA.

Big or small, cats just love cardboard boxes.

Normally we don't condone dogs jumping up on anyone - but when the dog is welcoming home a deployed soldier, we'll make an exception! This video features some of the happiest dogs you'll ever see.

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