Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Dog of the Month - Ezy!!

It's that time again!  For the month of November we've selected Ezy to be our Blog Dog of the Month!  Look familiar?  Ezy was also spotlighted in October but unfortunately he is STILL waiting for his forever home and we hope to share more of his story with you throughout the month.  This is the first in a series of 3 posts we have planned for this special canine to help him find a family!

Since he entered the facility, our Blog Dog of the Month Ezy (pronounced Easy) has made huge improvements in temperament and training. Ezy came in as a stray, jumping right into his rescuer’s car. He must have known that she was trying to help him, because Ezy can be very shy with new people.

When he first came to HSEC, Ezy wasn’t sure what he’d gotten himself into. The facility can be an overwhelming place, with lots of new sights, sounds, and smells - not to mention new people. Like many new residents, Ezy was initially hesitant to trust volunteers and staff. We don’t know what Ezy’s background was like and so we don’t know why he tends to be so cautious. Whatever the reason, he needs a little extra love to help him compensate.

When Ezy was given a bit of extra attention, he really began to blossom. He made one volunteer into a special friend, and once he’d decided to trust her, he began to realize that other people weren’t so bad. He got used to the set of familiar faces that he saw at the facility every day. Being exposed to so many different people was very beneficial for him.

Like many cautious dogs, having a doggy buddy helped Ezy become more comfortable with people. Shy dogs may have a difficult time reading humans, and so they are alarmed by what they interpret as unpredictable behavior. But when a shy dog has a more confident dog as a buddy, they can read the confident dog’s body language. If the other dog isn’t afraid, the shy dog will see that the situation isn’t threatening, and they will have a large reduction in their own anxiety levels.

Ezy gets along very well with other dogs, and loves to wrestle and play tag. He’s also what trainers call food motivated, which means that he is willing to work for a treat. As soon as he figured out that just sitting would get him a reward, he was on top of it! If he knows that you have treats in your pocket, he will cut you off and “sit” very insistently in front of you, waiting to be praised and rewarded. This makes us think that he would be relatively easy to continue training.

Unfortunately, Ezy has outlasted several doggy buddies because he has been at the facility so long. He’s watched his friends leave for their forever homes and has always been the one left behind. We think it’s Ezy’s turn to get to go home.

If you are interested in adopting Ezy and giving him a forever home please let us know!  All HSEC animals are spayed & neutered and up to date on all vaccines.  Ezy's adoption fee is $60 and you will also receive a free bag of dog food!  Give us a call at (252) 413-7247 or e-mail us at for more information on Ezy!

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  1. Ezy sure is handsome, and he sounds like a wonderful dog! Thank you for loving him so much and so well, and for giving him the time he needs to adjust. We are praying that he finds his forever home really soon.