Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Dog of the Month - Ezy!!

It's time for our third and final installment about Ezy!!  Ezy has been our Blog Dog of the Month for October AND November and unfortunately this sweet dog is still waiting to find his forever home!  Ezy has been living at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina longer than any of our other current residents, 18 months!!  Wouldn't you say it's his turn to find a forever family?

Mixed breed dogs often come into the facility, and sometimes these mysterious mixes create some uniquely interesting animals. It can be very rewarding to adopt a mixed breed dog who will fit perfectly into your family. Like Ezy (pronounced Easy), our Blog Dog of the Month.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about Ezy’s genetic background. He definitely has some Shepherd in him, but the rest is anyone’s guess - Akita? Chow? Brown bear? He’s not a very tall dog, but he has a powerful barrel chest and neck and beautiful thick fur. In fact, it’s hard to tell where the fur ends and Ezy begins.

Ezy is not exactly the athletic type. He gets very excited to go on a walk, but he’s been known to sit down and refuse to go another step without a short break! Especially when it’s hot, it’s easy for him to become overheated under all that gorgeous fur. Ezy would do well in a family who took him on short walks, but he would probably not be a good match for someone who wants to take their dog jogging.

Adopting a mixed breed dog also ensures that your dog is totally unique! Ezy is such a handsome boy, though it’s hard to see that clearly when he’s in his run. In the sunshine, the brown highlights glow in his black coat. There’s definitely no one else who looks like Ezy!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what Ezy “is”. All that’s important to know about Ezy - or any dog - is the singular set of traits that define his personality. Ezy is shy, and sweet, and loves attention. He tends to have favorite people, and he loves his favorites completely.

He’s an amazing dog just waiting for the right person to come along and take him home. 

If you're looking to add another canine to your pack please consider Ezy, he's a wonderful dog who just needs a little extra time getting to know you.  He loves other dogs and he'd LOVE to meet you!  Please come by the facility to meet Ezy, give us a call at (252) 413-7247 or e-mail us at  Ezy is up to date on all vaccines, neutered, and his adoption fee is only $60!!! 

Let's find Ezy a home for the holidays!

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  1. We really hope someone falls in love with Ezy real soon. He sounds like such a wonderful and loving dog!