Monday, November 21, 2011

Foster Home Fun - Ginny ADOPTED!

HSEC relies on the generosity of volunteers who not only donate their time at our facility, but also those who open their hearts and homes to care for our animals in need on a temporary basis as foster parents. 

We are always looking for more volunteers so we can continue to build our foster network and we'd like to share a special foster story with you now! 

Ginny's Story:

As you can see from her picture, Ginny is quite a unique American Pit Bull Terrier Mix!  She has a lovely brindle coat but instead of the regular black with brown stripes, Ginny is a reverse brindle with a gorgeous caramel coat feathered with black stripes.  What a beauty!

This sweet dog was found as a stray in Falkland and lucky for her someone picked her up and cared for her until we had room at HSEC!

In late August of 2011 Hurricane Irene was on the horizon so HSEC staff made the difficult decision to evacuate all the animals at our facility.  We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our local Pitt County community when we successfully evacuated every single animal into a temporary foster home!

Ginny was lucky enough to find a weekend home with Jeremy and Sarah who absolutely fell in love with this sweet canine and were sad to bring her back.  In October they heard we were having a Foster Parent Orientation and decided they would like to help out again!  Because Ginny had been displaying some signs of stress in our shelter environment we agreed that Ginny would again be a good candidate for foster care with Jeremy and Sarah.  They were so excited and came to pick Ginny up just a few days after orientation!

Here is the first installment of their story:

"We chose to be foster parents because we wanted to have an animal in the house again. Giving an animal a loving home with attention and affection can enrich the animals lifestyle as well as our own. Caring for Ginny gives us a sense of well-being, knowing that we are giving her a pleasant environment and a break from life at the shelter. She has been quick to learn the trick “shake”, adding to her repertoire of commands and has adapted to our house rules.

Recently, Ginny meet the neighbors dog and played well with him. It released a different kind of energy and she was more tuckered out then when I take her on a 3 mile run. We feel like she would benefit from doggy companionship, however, this was only the first encounter. We hope to try to introduce her to other dogs in the near future. On a walk we saw a friend and his 5-year-old son; Ginny didn’t react differently when the boy was petting her. The difficulty we are working on is her jumping habit, which occurs when she gets overly excited.

At the grocery store we picked up a beef bone from the butcher and she really enjoys it. It keeps her occupied for longer periods of time. She also really enjoys playing with the ropes. When she gets really worked up she will run from room to room, back and forth, like she is playing tag with herself. She is a great exercise friend and doesn’t pull on the leash. She is completely house broken and a complete ham as she lays on her bed while we write this message.

One weird action we have noticed is that Ginny always accompanies us when we go to the bathroom!"

-Jeremy & Sarah

Stay tuned for more updates from Jeremy and Sarah as they continue to foster Ginny! 

If you would like more information about our foster program or if you are interested in adopting Ginny please contact HSEC at (252) 413-7247 or

Before we even had a chance to do a new post about Ginny she was adopted!!  We are so happy that Ginny found her forever home!!

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