Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Results are In! October 2011 Stats

October was a busy time at HSEC. We took in 43 new critters, the most of any month this year, and 30 pets left the facility for their forever homes. Here’s a quick look at what happened in the facility last month, but first, a little terminology.

An animal can enter the shelter one of five ways.
  1. Abandonment: dropped anonymously at the facility. This irresponsible behavior is not only extremely dangerous to the animal, it is illegal!
  2. Returned: the result of a failed adoption where the animal is returned.
  3. Stray: the animal is found with no indication of its ownership.
  4. Surrendered: the owner of the animal surrenders it to the facility.
  5. Transferred: the animal is brought in from another group or facility, often the Pitt County Animal Shelter. Animals are often transferred between shelters in order to increase their opportunity for or likelihood of adoption.

Here’s the breakdown for October:

32 cats entered the facility.
  • 4 abandoned
  • 0 returns
  • 0 strays
  • 15 surrenders
  • 13 transfers

We had the opportunity to transfer in several cats this month, including more than one litter of kittens! We love to cooperate with other groups in the area for the benefit of the animals.  

13 cats were adopted this month, including 7 adults and 6 kittens!

11 dogs entered the facility.
  • 1 abandoned
  • 0 returns
  • 0 strays
  • 6 surrenders
  • 4 transfers

We did not take in as many dogs this month as at other times during the year. One reason for this is that we have so many amazing dogs available already for adoption.

17 dogs were adopted this month, 7 adults and 10 puppies - that’s more than we took in!

Congratulations to all the dogs and cats who found their forever homes this month! And if you’re one of the lucky new owners, we always love to hear how our former residents are doing!

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  1. That sounds like a pretty good month. Thank you for all you are doing for the animals there!