Friday, June 14, 2013

Clooney's Commentary: Clooney Cooney

Clooney’s Commentary is written by a dog who has been a year-long resident of the Humane Society.  He decided to take matters into his own paws and get himself adopted.  This five year-old Shepherd mix recently moved to a foster home, and has been sending updates while waiting for his forever home!

Hey, it’s your favorite commentator, Clooney!  Here I am, grinning from ear to ear with doggie delight.  I found out that some things were just meant to be!  You’ll never guess what happened…

But let me start at the beginning.  A little more than a year ago, a very nice lady started volunteering at the Humane Society.  I could tell she liked me, and I liked her too.  She liked to take me on walks, which just happens to be one of my favorite things, too.  Last fall, she even took me to the pumpkin patch.  The smells there were just glorious!

Time went on and on for me, and I was beginning to give up on ever finding a home of my own!  But this kind lady kept me cheered up, and I always looked forward to her visits.  Then, a few weeks ago, something exciting happened – I got adopted by a young fellow!  He was very nice, and I hoped that we would have a good life together, but after just a few days he decided he didn’t have time for me, and returned me to the Humane Society.  I was very sad and discouraged, and started to think that I would never find my forever home.

The nice lady volunteer entered my life again, taking me for walks and telling me what a good boy I am.  It was great to hear – but even better, she agreed to be my foster mom and let me live with her while I waited for a place of my own. 

I quickly discovered that I just loved living with her!  Although I am not a petite pup, I like to sleep in bed with her, and get so comfy that my foster mom has to wake me up to go for a morning jog.  Oh, and I have actually lost some of my extra puppy pounds from all the walking and jogging.  I adore humans, and I must say her neighbors are fine specimens.  I always like saying hello to them.

While I was busy writing blogs and trying to find myself a forever home, something wonderful happened – my foster mom decided that she just couldn’t  live without me, and wanted to be my honest-to-goodness mom, so SHE ADOPTED ME!

I told you that some things are meant to be, and this is sure one of them!  She was there to spend time with me when I was all alone at the Humane Society, and took me home when I was sad from being returned and needed a friend.  But there’s something else that convinces me that we were meant to be together all along.  Upon being adopted, I got my new mom’s last name.  Yep, I’m now officially Clooney Cooney!

There are many animals just like Clooney still waiting for loving homes of their own.  Please consider adopting, volunteering, or donating to the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina.  You can make a difference for a wonderful pup like Clooney!

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