Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're Having Kittens!!

Just one of our babies! Click here for more HSEC kitten photos!
It's kitten season, and like many animal rescue organizations all over the country, we have been inundated by tiny, fuzzy babies!

In order to keep up with this blessed (and yearly) event, we turn to you, our supporters, with our kitten registry. We'd love your help in "showering" HSEC with items necessary for proper kitten care.

  • Canned kitten food is our #1 need!
  • Little legs need little litterboxes - small, shallow litter pans allow for easy entrance and exit.
  • Stretch and scratchers are great for all our feline residents, allowing for cats to express their natural need to scratch.
  • Kitten receiving blankets? Sure! Kittens need extra warmth just like any newborn, and blankets allow us to create a soft, snuggly nest.
  • Some kittens love to snuggle up with small stuffed animals.
  • Toys, toys, toys! We especially would like wand toys and ball chasing toys (like this)

Check out our Amazon kitten registry here!

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