Monday, February 25, 2013

Link Roundup!

Welcome to our first link roundup, where we bring you animal-related news, pictures, and videos from around the internet. Enjoy!

To start things, off, here's the best part of this mailman's day!

Breed bans put loving families in difficult positions. But this family won't abandon their pet: "Baseball pitcher Mark Buerhle and family refuse to abandon pit bull due to breed ban"

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Great reasons to consider adoption for your next pet! - "Shelter Dogs Deserve 'Best in Show'"

This man's dog was stolen and abused. 10 months later, his owner has him back - "Florida man reunited with stolen dog used as fighting bait"

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Continuing with our pit bull love - "Heroic pit bull saves her family and runs back into burning home to rescue five dogs"

And finally, the essential difference between cats and dogs - the role of trust.

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