Friday, February 22, 2013

Success Series - Aggie

Welcome to another installation of our Success Series! Every Friday for the next several weeks we will post the story of a pet who has found their forever home through HSEC. If your animal was adopted from HSEC and you want them to be featured on the blog, contact us here:


by Alexa L.

We adopted Aggie in November 2011, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She was my early Christmas present and the very best gift I ever could have asked for! We brought her home and were so surprised by how quickly she adjusted! She even spent Thanksgiving with my mom in New Bern, just days after she came home with us! Her tipped ear is a great conversation starter, and it always amazes people how friendly she is considering someone once assumed her to be feral with a future as a 'wild kitty'!

[ed. note: ear tipping, or removing the very tip of the left ear, is the universal symbol for a feral neutered cat. It is done by the groups who care for feral cat colonies so that ferals can be quickly recognized and so it is known which animals are already neutered.]
Aggie had been with us for about 8 months and developed into such an outgoing, friendly kitty! I couldn't believe how sweet she was when we had friends over, she is a wonderful 'car-rider' and did great when we took her on trips to visit my mom and grandmother in New Bern. She absolutely loves her harness, because it means she can go outside and stands still, sometimes helping me lift 'arms' and 'legs' to get it on! 
In August 2012 I began the process of registering her as a therapy animal (not to be confused with service animals). During our final evaluation at a local nursing home, I was nervous and made a few mistakes, but she passed with flying colors! Although we have not yet set up a real schedule with a facility here, Aggie made the Daily Reflector back in December!
She has been a true joy to us, always excited to see people and be the center of attention. She loves sleeping on my pillow at night, sits as close to people as she can during the day and purrs as soon as we approach. She is a wonderful example of an unwanted black cat, expected to stay feral and outdoors turned into a true family member and volunteer in our community!!
Thank you for saving her!
HSEC responds: "No, thank you, Alexa! It's amazing that a cat once thought to be feral could today be working as a therapy cat!"

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