Friday, February 15, 2013

Success Series: Slate

Welcome to another installation of our Success Series! Every Friday for the next several weeks we will post the story of a pet who has found their forever home through HSEC. If your animal was adopted from HSEC and you want them to be featured on the blog, contact us here:


Sometimes in life, those who have gone through a rough patch are looking for a new beginning and a clean slate.  That is very true of our alum, named Slate, who was both homeless and in jail within his first year of life.

Slate, a Retriever/Hound mix, came to us at eight months.  With a sleek black coat and floppy hound ears, he might say he was paroled to our custody.  He actually spent 10 weeks in the New Leash on Life program, working with inmate trainers at Greene Correctional Institution.  As a graduate of this positive rewards-based program, Slate learned basic obedience commands including sit, stay, down, down from a distance, high five, shake, go to bed, rollover, loose leash walking, and heel, along with being crate trained and housebroken. An added bonus was a special trick – rolling over on his back and covering his eyes with his paws!

This highly educated puppy’s next trick was to find a home, which was also a success.  A week after his adoption, his new human reported, “Slate has been a FANTASTIC addition to our home and he is adjusting very quickly. As a friend of ours said, we ‘hit the jackpot’ of dogs.” 

A happy ending?  Yes, but not quite the end.  We were fortunate to hear from Slate’s family again, a year after his adoption. Described as “loved unconditionally, spoiled silly and very happy in his forever home,” Slate is a lucky guy. This Christmas, Santa stopped by with a stocking full of toys that he promptly took great pleasure in shredding.

Slate’s behavior continues to be stellar.  He enjoys practicing commands and showing off his good-boy manners.  He’s a love sponge, seeking attention and the company of his people, and has become an easygoing, loving and laid back part of the family.  Slate recently met his canine cousins, and they became best friends.  So adding a furry sibling to the family is now under consideration. 

It’s clear that this dog is the darling of his humans, and this season has become their very special Valentine.  “Slate has truly made our house a home, and we are so thankful for him everyday,” reports his mom. “He is so full of life and love!” 

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