Friday, February 1, 2013

Success Series - Mona

Welcome to another installation of our Success Series! Every Friday* for the next several weeks we will post the story of a pet who has found their forever home through HSEC. If your animal was adopted from HSEC and you want them to be featured on the blog, contact us:

When Mona arrived at the Humane Society, she wasn’t a happy kitty.  Much of her now sleek coat was missing from untreated flea allergies.  She did not enjoy the company of other felines, which made living in our Cat Palace a very stressful experience. Once out of her cage, she had definite opinions about going back in.  She had already been adopted once and returned to us.

Lucky for Mona, we were able to find a foster home to give her a break from the shelter environment. And even luckier, her foster mom’s roommate fell in love with Mona; when she got her own place, she came in and adopted her.  We suspect this was Mona’s strategy all along; she played up to the young woman’s boyfriend, going as far as knocking over flowers, picking one up, and laying it at his feet.

In a home of her own, Mona has gone from grumpy to gregarious.  According to her new mom, “She has become one of the most loving cuddly cats anyone could ask to have in their lives.”  Mona has taking a liking to crawling under the covers at night, and sprawls out for a belly rub.  She goes crazy for the red dot of a laser toy, and actually enjoys taking walks on a leash!  In fact, Mona has become a seasoned traveler, and enjoys visiting human relatives in Boone, Rocky Mount and Raleigh.

While Mona is not a fan of other cats, her best friend is a bunny who lives with the boyfriend’s mom.  When in her buddy’s company, Mona mimics the bunny, hopping on all fours.  She even tries to eat bunny food, but spits it out every time.  She and the bunny both sulk when it’s time to go home.

After hitting a rough patch in her life, Mona is in a loving home where she’s been able to blossom into her own sweet, quirky self, playing, strolling, cuddling and bunny-bonding her way to happiness.

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